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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Free Hearing Aid Demonstrations

We have been steadily increasing our stock of demonstration hearing aids over the last 12 months and January is the ideal time to road test new devices. We have the latest technology available from Oticon, Signia, Unitron and Bernafon. It’s not just receiver in canal or behind the ear devices available either, we have some Signia Nx Silk CICs which can be fitted with disposable sleeves that fit comfortably in the ears.

These can all be programmed to your individual hearing level for you to try out for a week or two completely free of charge and with no obligation, to compare against your current devices and assess the difference. Did you struggle to hear the family over the Christmas dinner table? Are you curious to discover how much of an improvement the latest technology can offer? If so get in touch and we can arrange an up to date hearing test and a free trial fitting of some of the demo hearing aids we have in stock. 

Signia Silk Nx

Signia Styletto

Unitron T Moxi Fit & Moxi All

Oticon Opn 1

Bernafon Zerena Rechargeable

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