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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

50% off Amplified Phones!

We have a limited number of amplified telephones in stock at a massive 50% off the usual retail price!

These include :

Powertel 49 Plus - Usually £49.99    Now £24.99

Powertel 50 Alarm Plus - Usually £64.99   Now £32.99

Powertel 580 - Usually £89.99   Now £44.99

Powertel 880 Combo - Usually £135.99   Now £67.99

Powertel 6 - Usually £19.99   Now £9.99

Powertel M5000 Mobile - Usually £99.99   Now £49.99

Big Tel 200 - Usually £44.99   Now £22.99

All of these phones are hearing aid compatible and have louder ring tones and receiver volumes than most other phones. Come in to the shop or call us on 01723 369505 if you would like to take advantage of this special offer.

Also, if you wear Widex wireless hearing aids (Clear or Dream range), we still have a few Dex products available at 25% off the retail price! These include:

TV Dex - Usually £250   Now £188.50         (To stream TV wirelessly to the hearing aids)

Phone Dex - Usually £200   Now £150         (To stream landline phone calls wirelessly to the hearing aids)

M Dex - Usually £350   Now £262.50          (To stream mobile calls wirelessly to the hearing aids)

TV Dex                                        Phone Dex                                  M Dex

Call in today and grab a bargain! While stocks last.