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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Wax Removal Service Expansion

We've recently made a few changes to expand our long established wax removal service. For the last eight years we've been using microsuction to remove ear wax. Our first recent change is an upgrade to our equipment. We now have a hospital standard CA-MI Hospivac 400 suction machine which provides more powerful (but still very safe) suction compared with our old portable unit. This will mean more wax cleared successfully at the first attempt. It's a much quieter machine and provides a better customer experience. We've also acquired a new comfortable treatment chair. 

CA-MI Hospivac 400 Suction Machine

Our second major improvement to our service is the addition of a new Guardian Projet 101 Ear Irrigator. This enables us to offer not just microsuction and dry removal which are our well established methods, but also now safe irrigation. This will allow us to remove the very soft, deep and sticky types of wax which often prove difficult to completely clear using suction alone. Again this will improve our single appointment success rate. 

Guardian Projet 101 Ear Irrigator

Finally, to keep up with increased demand for wax removal, we've recruited Jayne Dixon, a fully qualified nurse, to carry out the procedure. This enables us to offer wax removal appointments at our Scarborough branch five days a week, Monday-Friday 9-5. 

All these changes means we have affirmed our status as the Yorkshire Coast's premier centre for ear wax removal. We use the latest state of the art technology, including our high definition wireless video otoscope to show you precisely how clean we've been able to get your ears. If you're struggling with blocked ears then contact us to arrange an appointment and we can offer instant relief.