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Monday, 11 April 2016

Spring Open Day - Thursday 14th April

Spring Open Day - Thursday 14th April 2016

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This Thursday we are holding our Spring Open Day in partnership with Unitron. Their North hearing aids feature exciting new "Log it All" technology which helps us record your own personal soundscape. By evaluating the sound environments you use the instruments in, we are able to determine whether you are wearing the most appropriate technology for your requirements. Unitron North hearing aids also feature a world's first upgradable option. This means that once you've been wearing the devices for 6-12 months or beyond, if you decide you'd like even more performance from them, we can upgrade the technology simply by connecting them to our computer. This is something that has never been available until now.

By attending the open day between 10am-4pm, you can;

  •  Have a live demonstration of the new North hearing aid technology
  •  Receive advice from Unitron's hearing expert Adam Kobeissi
  •  Experience the benefits of the revolutionary Log it All technology
  •  Take up a FREE TRIAL of the new North hearing aids
  •  Get exclusive offers and discounts on the day (see below)
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Unitron North Hearing Aids

We hope you can join us for this event. To book your place just call us on 0800 633 5939 or email

Our exclusive offers available only on the day are that we will upgrade your hearing aids to the next level of technology FREE OF CHARGE! 

Technology Level                          List Price Per Instrument   Offer   

Essential Range    -   North 500                      £950                      Free upgrade to North 600          

Performance Range - North 600                    £1,300                    Free upgrade to North 700

Performance Range - North 700                    £1,800                    Free upgrade to North 800

Advanced Range   -   North 800                    £2,200                    Free upgrade to North Pro

Premium Range    -   North Pro                     £2,700                    10% off list price + free wireless                                                                                                               accessory + free 5 year warranty + 1                                                                                                         year's free batteries (worth up to                                                                                                               £1,400 per pair of hearing aids) 

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