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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Why Come To Charlwood Hearing Care?

The internet can be a minefield of information (and mis-information) and somehow you've managed to find our website in your search for a hearing care provider, but why should you end your search here? The clear answer is that we are completely independent, and independent companies such as us consistently top The Which? Report into the best places to purchase hearing aids from compared with the larger national companies. This is partly because we offer a wider range of hearing aids and can supply products for any manufacturer. National chains typically have supply agreements with, or in some cases are partly owned by, certain manufacturers. Boots Hearingcare for example are part owned by the company who make Phonak hearing aids, so around 90% of their customers are fitted with Phonak devices. 

Independent companies are also rated better for overall value for money. This doesn't mean we are cheaper than national companies, in fact hearing aid prices are typically higher, but the support and aftercare service we offer, the product range we have, and our experience in matching the most appropriate hearing aid solution to an individual's hearing loss, lifestyle, budget and style preferences mean that overall customer satisfaction tends to be higher. 

Even if you've decided to seek independent advice why should you choose Charlwood Hearing Care instead of another independent company? The answer is because we are truly independent. There are six major hearing aid manufacturers and a handful of smaller ones. In 2019 we fitted hearing aids from nine different manufacturers. You will struggle to find that level of independence anywhere, let alone in North Yorkshire. Other independents may only work with 3 or 4 companies, sometimes less. Their staff may have previously worked for a national company so they fit those hearing aids they're already familiar with. We are familiar with the technology, features, strengths and weaknesses of all the major manufacturers and most of the smaller ones as well. Our advice is completely independent and without bias. Where there are a number of suitable options for you we will clearly explain the differences so you can make an informed choice about the hearing aids you wear. Our 60 day no obligation trials ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome. 

Of course these aren't the only reasons to end your search for a hearing care provider by booking an appointment with us, but when considering taking such an important step in your hearing journey, they are perhaps the most important reasons to come and talk to us. 

These are all the manufacturers we fitted in 2019;