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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Exclusive Open Day Event

Introducing the Bernafon Zerena Range

We are delighted to announce an exclusive open day on Tuesday November 6th at our Scarborough branch to showcase the very latest in hearing technology, with exclusive discounts and special offers only available to those who attend. To book your free appointment call us on 0800 633 5939 or email

We will be introducing you to Bernafon Zerena; a full range of hearing aids offering ChannelFree digital signal processing and featuring the Dynamic Environmental Control System (DECS) to provide the best performance possible in challenging environments where there is background noise interfering with speech clarity. Other features of Zerena include full wireless capabilities as well as direct connection to Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. Stream phone calls, Facetime, Skype, music and video audio straight into the hearing aids. 

There is a full range of styles available with Zerena, from the smallest Invisible In Canal (IIC) right up to the more powerful Receiver In Canal (RIC) and Behind The Ear (BTE) styles, including rechargeable options. 

On Tuesday November 6th we will be able to offer you the following:

  • Free examination of your ears using our Video Otoscope camera
  • Free hearing test and assessment
  • Free demonstration of the Bernafon Zerena hearing instruments
  • Free trials of a pair of Zerena
  • Up to £900 discount off a pair of Zerena! *
  • Free wireless accessory with every purchase of Zerena! **
  • Free 5 year warranty on all Zerena hearing aids!
  • Free 1 year supply of batteries!
These exclusive offers are only available to those who attend the open day. To reserve your place either email or call us free on 0800 633 5939. We will have Bernafon expert Rav Bangar with us to guide you through the Zerena range and answer any questions you have. Places at the event are limited so do book at your earliest convenience. 

At the heart of Zerena is Bernafon's Dynamic Environmental Control System. There are four advanced features of DECS; Continuous Environmental Detection which analyses the sound environment with high speed and precision, Dynamic Noise Management which effectively removes noise without adversely affecting speech, Dynamic Amplification Control which continuously measures speech and noise and directs the information to the Dynamic Speech Processing, which accurately amplifies the speech signal. 

With these features working together, Zerena offers high acceptance of the hearing aids in noisy environments, less listening fatigue in noise and a high level of hearing comfort in noisy situations. Zerena 9 is the premium level option offering state of the art dynamic features to significantly improve speech understanding. Zerena 7 is the advanced level option with sophisticated features for seamless and boundless hearing. Zerena 5 is the mid-level option that provides great sound quality and performs well in many environments. Zerena 3 is the essential option with natural sound quality and beneficial features. Zerena 1 is the value level option offering better hearing and quality technology at an affordable price.

*Exclusive Open Day Discounts are:
  • £900 off a pair of Zerena 9
  • £700 off a pair of Zerena 7
  • £500 off a pair of Zerena 5
  • £300 off a pair of Zerena 3
  • £100 off a pair of Zerena 1

** Free wireless accessory offer includes either:
  • Soundclip-A (Offers streaming to all phones including Android, enabling hands free conversation to both ears. Normal price £195.) 
  • TV-A (TV Adaptor streams sound directly into the hearing aids for clear and sharp listening to the TV. Normal price £150.) 
  • RC-A (Remote control allows volume and program changes to the hearing aids. Normal price £125)
Z-Power Rechargeable Option

Friday, 20 April 2018

Spring Open Day

On Thursday 26th April we'll be holding our Spring Open Day at our Scarborough branch to demonstrate the latest hearing technology being offered by Signia (formally Siemens). They recently launched a new range of receiver in canal (RIC) and behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids, the Nx. The unique feature of the Nx is the Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology. The hearing aids are able to detect the wearer’s individual voice and process it differently to other voices and sounds. OVP is a world’s first and helps to improve spontaneous acceptance of own voice in 80% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers.
Signia Nx range

If you’ve ever tried hearing aids but been put off wearing them because of the sound of your own voice, then the Nx is definitely for you! Nx also offers unrivalled spatial awareness, clear sound without distortion and advanced feedback cancellation. The hearing aids connect directly with smartphones, tablets and Signia’s range of wireless accessories for TV etc. Nx works with Signia’s TouchControl and MyHearing apps to help give a complete hearing experience.

Pure Nx Charge&Go
At the open day we will be offering free demonstrations of Nx so you can hear the difference for yourself. Visiting expert Gareth Heal will be on hand to show you all the features Nx can offer and answer any questions you might have. We will have special offers & discounts only available on the day, as well as free tea, coffee and biscuits. To book your appointment at the open day just ring us on 01723 369505 or email